Social is now the core of marketing.

C+R Digital is a Social-First Digital Agency specialized in providing clients who are in the F&B, Travel, Retail or Start-Up space with Results-Driven Marketing Solutions and Social-First Strategies.

We believe that Collaborate + Reach = Success

Social-First Audit

Our team will analyse your social media presence and identify it’s
positioning, gaps and find opportunities in your social media
marketing strategies and execution.

Social-First Strategy

We work closely with you and your team to develop strong social-first action plans that will help deliver your brand’s messaging in a unified, impactful and social way.

Social-First Content Creation

Content production has far evolved from just being pretty. Today,
content must be social, it should evoke the need for conversation.
With content overload on the rise, if your content is passive, it can
often get missed by your audience. Create your content with the team behind Singapore’s biggest KOLs.

Results Driven Marketing (Conversion Objective)

Our ROI driven initiatives will drive prospects who are interested in your services or products right to your doorstep using strategic adverts and effective business collaborations.

Results Driven Marketing (Brand Awareness Objective)

Collaboration constantly proves to be the most effective way in driving organic brand awareness. Develop powerful relationships with prominent social influencers and strategic brand partners to extend your brand’s reach.

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